Joe Biden’s Statue of Liberty Raises The Finger to Cuban Refugees (2023)

By L.C. Vincent.

Biden’s Amerika — Communist Refugees Need Not Apply

As anyone who observes politics knows, the word “Liberal” and “hypocrite” are synonyms, and essentially interchangeable. Nothing makes this equation more clear than the Biden regime’s attitude towards America’s open Southern border, and New Amerika’s Iron Curtain, now imposed on any Cuban refugee who may somehow make it to the shores of Florida by crossing 90+ miles of shark infested water.

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Reversing Trump

Despite reversing all of Donald Trump’s immigration and border policies from the very first day he assumed the Office of the President, China Joe Biden has done his very “best” to destroy America’s border security with Mexico. Instead, bird-brain Biden has signaled to the rest of the world as well as the drug lords and human trafficking cartels that henceforth, under his regime, America’s Southern border would be wide open for business.

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Our nightly news casts have made it clear that whoever is willing and able to cross our border and pass “Go” with an open hand for handouts can collect a busload of benefits, giveaways and freebies just waiting for anyone who can get their flip-flops across the finish line after being driven thru Central America on buses supplied by George “Soros” (Georgy Swartz). Even more impressive— Biden will import AND transport illegal immigrant families, with NO court date for adjudication of their bogus asylum claim, and no health exam or criminal background check, to any place in the United States they wish to go, free of charge, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer!

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The New Democrat “Great Replacement” Strategy to Balkanize America

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It’s all a wonderful part of the Democrats’ strategy, cooked up over the last decade, to change the demographics of America and insure Democrat electoral victories in perpetuity. It’s also known as “The Great Replacement” and refers to the Democrats replacing their traditional blue collar and indigenous minority voters with “refugees” from Central America, South America, and around the world to help Balkanize and fractionate the American electorate, thereby disenfranchising and alienating Democrats’ traditional ethnic minority base and working class constituents by harvesting the votes of these new invaders and interlopers at some near future point in time.

Biden Signals the World. – America’s Southern Border Is Wide Open

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Biden made it very clear during the presidential debates that if he somehow found himself in the Oval Office, he would welcome all illegal immigrants with open arms. Biden actually said the following: “What I would do is several more things; I would in fact, make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border. All those people seeking asylum, they deserve to be heard. That’s who we are. We’re a nation who says, if you want to flee, and you’re freeing (sic) oppression, you should come.”

How inspirational! How magnanimous! How generous! Despite all the evidence to the contrary that the vast majority of illegal border crossers are entering the United States for one reason and one reason alone — economic opportunity — the Biden regime is more than happy to welcome them with open arms, because their internal polling shows that the majority of these illegal law breakers are coming from socialist welfare countries and that more than 60 percent of them are likely to vote “democrat” should they be given an immediate “pathway to citizenship” as Joe Biden has advocated and built into the new “Infrastructure” bill, HR-1 and SB-1.

Economic Refugees Are Not Political Refugees!

If we were to make “poverty” an admissible reason for granting refuge and asylum in America, then the rest of the entire world would also be “justified” to illegally cross our borders and move into the United States. There is one reason people have traditionally sought actual refuge in the United States, and that reason is political persecution. Invariably that means the country from which they are fleeing has usurped and censored their right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech; ironically, the very same freedom this Biden “administration” seeks to banish from America by working with social media platforms like Facebook to restrict and PERMANENTLY BAN anyone who questions the “information” our government provides about the so-called Corona Virus “pandemic.”

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During the presidential debates, Biden again repeated the blatant lie that the “11 million” illegals who crossed over the U.S. Southern border were fleeing oppression and street gangs. Unspoken, however, is the fact the oppression these people were fleeing is nearly always economic, and the “street gangs” like MS-13 were being integrated into the masses of border crossers so the they could continue to enlarge and expand their criminal empire and lifestyles at the sake of honest American citizens who would end up paying for all of their social welfare benefits— benefits totally unavailable to the average American citizen—while also paying for and suffering their criminal predations.

Moreover, the number of criminal illegal aliens currently living within the United States is more than TRIPLE the estimated number that has been advertised for the last 20 years by bleeding heart Liberals. The actual number of illegal aliens currently residing in this country is more accurately over 36 MILLION, not 11 million, and the cost to America for allowing and enabling this illegal carnage to continue is over 220 BILLION DOLLARS just for this year alone!

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The Biden Administration knows this and they couldn’t care less. They welcome these illegal future democrat voters as the “Great Replacement” for U.S. Black and Hispanic minorities who are starting to see that the Democrat party’s only real interest is in maintaining and growing their power base — NOT in helping to create economic opportunities for them.

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Illegal Aliens Impoverish America and Americans

It’s very clear that there is no way you can allow and import vast numbers of unskilled laborers into this country and not negatively effect the unskilled labor market for minority American citizens who are already having difficulties finding employment in an economy that is collapsing under “lunch bucket” Biden’s scatterbrained interference and unnecessary manipulations, to say nothing of his proposed massive tax increases and regulations.

Turning Red States Blue is the Goal

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The reality is that the Democrats care NOTHING for their Black and Hispanic constituents; they already have them in their pockets, as far as they are concerned. The Biden regime is even illegally and unconstitutionally coercing the U.S. military to play a part in changing the demographics of America, by busing and flying these illegal immigrants to all parts of the United States and depositing them in “red” (Republican) counties in order to turn those counties “purple” or “blue” once Biden announces a mass amnesty, just in time for the 2022 electoral cycle.

So Biden’s ultra-liberal and generous largess has absolutely nothing to do with a sweeping humanitarian gesture, as he would have you believe. Instead, it is base, crass politics at the most elemental level; a calculated power-play, a ploy to insert illegal aliens and their extended families into the heartland of Republican America to turn those counties into Democrat hell holes and thereby ensure the continued re-election of a Democrat Congress and Senate.

Biden Illegally Usurps Our Military to Commit Treason

This plan became crystal clear when it was revealed by TV host Tucker Carlson over the weekend that the Biden regime had requisitioned the U.S. Air Force to fly illegal aliens from Laughlin Air Force base in Texas to points unknown within the American heartland, all at taxpayer expense, while this entire illegal and unconstitutional operation was run under cover of the utmost secrecy. Not only is the Biden regime opening America to MILLIONS of illegal aliens from around the globe, with no consideration whatsoever to their health status, criminal status or the possibility that they could be terrorists — the Biden regime is also distributing these unvetted invaders throughout the United States on the taxpayer’s dime to water down and essentially negate the votes of honest American citizens at the same time, impacting minorities such as Black and Hispanic American voters the hardest. The irony and the duplicity of this movement is occurring at the same time the Biden “administration” rails on and on about Republicans attempting to “disenfranchise” minority voters by seeking voting reform, like requiring a valid I.D. before being allowed to vote. Democrats, thy name IS HYPOCRISY.

But Refugees from Communist Cuba Need Not Apply!

This entire treasonous plot was brought into sharp focus by this administration’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who publicly declared only a few days ago that no Cuban refugees would be allowed or accepted to land or stay or apply for asylum should any of them reach the Florida coast while trying to flee the real communist oppression of their Cuban island home.

Democrats’ Ploy to Gain More Voters and Disenfranchise Americans

So now even the deaf, dumb and blind can understand that Joe Biden’s hypocritical invitation to the politically oppressed of the world, to flee to America and into the open arms of the Statue of Liberty was nothing more than a calculated ploy and outright LIE, just another one among Biden’s countless lies, to gain more democrat voters and expand their power base. The simple reason the Biden regime wants no Cuban refugees, or people who are genuinely fleeing from real political oppression and persecution in fear for their lives, is because “open borders Biden” does not give a turd about freedom, liberty, human rights, or sanctuary from real, deadly political oppression!

(Video) President Biden, President López Obrador, and Prime Minister Trudeau Deliver Statements

Biden’s puppet string pullers are afraid that refugees from the Communist hell-hole of Cuba will vote nearly exclusively Republican, because these people who have personally experienced the socialist “dream” and lived under the iron fist of Castro’s “socialist paradise,” and are now literally dying to come to America to be free.

The Democrat “Great Replacement”

All Joe, Kamala, and the democrats care for are votes to replace the Black and Hispanic voters who are leaving the Democrat reservation for the dignity and self-respect that Trump made available to them with a rapidly rising economy. The truth of the matter is that if Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Shumer et al actually thought the flood of illegal aliens pouring over our borders might possibly vote Republican, they would be standing locked and loaded with fully automatic M-16 rifles and “high capacity” magazines, ready to slaughter the “crossers” down to the last child and infant.

Like all things Biden, his border “policy,” if one could term the feeding frenzy “free for all” that our Southern border has become, has created a human and environmental hazard. Hordes of hungry and hardened criminals intermixed among the women and children, who are ALWAYS placed at the head of the herd so that it is their faces Americans see on their nightly television newscasts, have turned our Southwestern border into a toxic environmental catastrophe zone.

Biden: “Everyone Get Vaccinated” — EXCEPT for Criminal Illegal Aliens

The unsanitary cages and holding facilities, originally built during the Obama era to hold a few hundred, are now overloaded by the thousands, providing the perfect breeding grounds for the COVID pandemic that Holy Joe cares so much about that he never stops jabbering about getting the “jab” to the unvaccinated, except of course, for those streaming over the border and being transported into America’s heartland, without the knowledge or permission of the communities in which they are DUMPED!

A Genuine Human Crisis Ignored by The (Democrat) M/Ass Media

The Democrat coastal elites, in their mansions and ivory towers, are totally isolated and insulated from this human misery and catastrophe that is now becoming a part of the average American’s struggle for survival. Now Americans not only have to pay for the “privilege” and blessings of enforced “diversity” at the point of a gun; we also get to suffer the criminal consequences of an “administration” that does not give a rat’s ass for American security, prosperity, safety, sanitation, health, or happiness.

Worse, we have to endure their hypocritical, duplicitous lies about how much they “care” while conveniently forgetting that the “cages” they cried and railed about that “separated families” who were “ripped apart” by cruel Border Patrol agents during the Trump presidency are now gleefully forgotten, despite the fact that the same facilities are now bursting to seven or eight times their legal capacity, a true “humanitarian” nightmare which their lap-dog media allies refuse to observe, note or report upon.

Hypocrisy IS the True Democrat Standard — The “Double Standard”

So this is the Biden/Harris “Amerikan Dream” — massive, unregulated illegal immigration to harvest potential Democrat voters down the road, while erecting a true Iron Curtain to keep REAL Communist refugees, whose very lives are at stake, restricted to the island prison that is Cuba. The stench of their mutual hypocrisy is overwhelming, but the mainstream media remains either oblivious to this incredible Democrat double standard or they are part of the duplicitous cover-up that is the hallmark of these incompetent Communist puppets masquerading as the head of the Executive branch of our government.

Although I am sure China Joe’s handlers in Beijing are more than pleased with the outcome of their bribery and blackmail which they have cultivated over the past 40+ years to enable the Biden Crime Family to grow and prosper at the expense of American security, freedom and independence, it is time for true Americans to make our voices heard. The American Dream of Freedom for all who yearn to be free of political oppression is a part of our genuine DNA.

(Video) The Biden Border Crisis: Part I

It’s time to make America the true refuge of the politically oppressed, NOT economic opportunists and Democrat replacement surrogates for those former minority voters who have learned Democrat policies kept them in poverty and bondage.

Save America from Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists

Demand the Southern Border be closed to the criminal drug and human trafficking cartels that are the Biden/Harris constituency — the distributors of Chinese made Fentanyl that caused more than 90,000 American deaths last year, and will cause even more American deaths this year.

Demand the Southern Border be closed to illegal aliens who have an average COVID infection rate of 10% , even before they are admitted to the “hot house” environment of criminally overcrowded cage holding facilities originally built by the Obama/Biden White House.

Demand the Southern Border be closed so that MS-13 gang bang criminals can no longer invade the U.S., bring in all their friends and relatives on the U.S. taxpayer dime to continue their criminal activities throughout our land.

Demand our Southern Border be closed to terrorists from around the world, who are reportedly flocking here to deposit weapons caches, weapons of mass destruction, along with chemical, biological and nuclear materials to be used to destroy and kill American citizens.

Above all, DEMAND that the “in the tank” M/Ass Media accurately report the human, environmental, biological and criminal tragedies that the O’Biden/Harris regime is intent on using to cripple America and make our nation into a Turd World Country for the globalists to harvest and pillage.

Stand Up for America — call and mail your Senatorial and Congressional representatives RIGHT THIS MINUTE and tell them that this atrocity on our Southern Border MUST END IMMEDIATELY and that you will hold them personally responsible until they do.

Should you have children and progeny with whom you hope to share the American Dream, then understand that this is the least you can do as an American who loves his or her country to stop the atrocity that is the O’Biden/Harris open border “policy.”

May God Save America from the “woke” Democrat/Liberal/Socialist/Progressive/Communist menace!

May God Bless America once again!


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