Top 10 bank in Bangladesh (new update) (2023)

Top 10 bank in bangladesh :- Banking is one of the oldest industries in the world but, In Bangladesh banking industry stared its journey after independence.

But still Bangladesh is a developing country with an impoverished banking system, particularly in terms of the services and customer care provided by the government banks.

But In recent times, private bank put on vital role in banking sector, which contributes significantly to the national economy. The banking sector plays an important role in determining the economy of a country. In a developing country like Bangladesh, public sector banks are very important.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

Table of contents

  • Banking sector In Bangladesh
  • Top 10 Private Banks in Bangladesh (determined by operating profit)
  • Top 10 Banks in Bangladesh (determined by popularity)
  • Final Thoughts

Banking sector in Bangladesh

Banks in Bangladesh fall under the supervision of the Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of the Bangladesh. Established in 1971, Bangladesh Bank is responsible for guiding the gold reserve & foreign currency, & for maintaining price stability in the country.

The financial sector of Bangladesh is generally very small & underdeveloped. This sector consists of a banking segment & an emerging but still nascent capital market segment.

The banking segment in Bangladesh is relatively more developed than the equity market segment, even though both are quite underdeveloped in international comparison

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

List of the Top 20 bank in Bangladesh, First top 10 bank determined by operating profit and second top 10 bank determined by popularity. (This data is based on

Top 10 Private Bank in Bangladesh- 2021

#1 National Bank Limited

Top 10 bank in Bangladesh (new update) (1)

Established: 28 March1983

Operating profit: 10150 million Taka


National Bank is very famous bank in Bangladesh. This bank very popular for various types of loan. After independence of East Pakistan in 1972 this Bank was nationalized as per policy of the Govt & renamed as National Bank.

Since then, National Bank Ltd. has been rendering all sorts of Commercial Banking services because the largest bank in private sector through its branch network everywhere the country.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#2 Pubali Bank

Top 10 bank in Bangladesh (new update) (2)

Established: 1959

Operating profit: 9350 million Taka


After liberation the Eastern mercantile bank was converted into Pubali Bank and was taken under the govt management as a result the govt policy was nationalized of all financial institutions.

The objective was strengthening the agriculture economy. The results of the policy were a mixed one. In late 70s once the govt wished to establish a market-oriented economy with less public sector role.

As a part of the privatization and liberalization process this bank was denationalized within the year 1983. Pubali Bank Ltd expanded as a biggest commercial bank in Bangladesh.

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Pubali Bank operational networks cover almost every part of the country including the major cities, village townships, which are prospective business centers in our country.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#3 Eastern Bank Ltd

Top 10 bank in Bangladesh (new update) (3)

Established: August 8, 1992

Operating profit: 8500 million Taka


With a vision to become the bank of selection & to be the foremost valuable financial brand in Bangladesh, Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL) began its journey in 1992.

Over the years Eastern Bank Ltd has established itself as a number one private commercial bank within Bangladesh with undisputed leadership in Corporate Banking.

EBL’s ambition is to be the first financial services provider, creating lasting value for its clientele, investor, & workers & specifically for the community it operates in.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#4 Southeast Bank Limited

Established: 1995

Operating profit: 7700 million Taka


Southeast Bank Limited is a best private commercial Bank in Bangladesh, which launched its activities in Dhaka in 1995. The Bank concentrates its activities in its area of expertise and has achieved excellent market reputation for efficient client service.

Southeast Bank is committed in providing training to its employee to keep them up to date with modern training in their respective fields of work.

The Bank also additionally tries to satisfy its share in community responsibilities. By such measures the Bank intends to grow and enhance shareholders’ price.

Southeast Bank Limited pledges to maximize customer satisfaction through services and build a trusting relationship with customers, that has already stood the test of 19 years.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#5 EXIM Bank Limited

Established: 3 August 1999

Operating profit:7410 million Taka


EXIM Bank Limited is the very popular bank in Bangladesh. It was established under the rules & regulations of Bangladesh on the third August 1999 with the guidance of Late Mr. Shahjahan Kabir, founder chairman who had a dream of floating a commercial bank which might contribute to the social-economic development of Bangladesh.

He had a good knowledge as a good banker. A group of extremely qualified and palmy entrepreneurs joined their hands with the chairman to pass his dream. Indeed, all of them proved themselves in their various business as most palmy star with their hardworking and tireless talent entrepreneurship. Among them, Mr. Nazrul Islam Mazumder became the honorable chairman after the dying of the honorable founder chairman.

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Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#6 Al-Arafah Islami Bank

Established: 1995

Operating profit: 7100 million Taka


This Bank started its journey on eighteen June 1995 with the said within the same at intervals mind and to introduce a modern banking industry supported on Al-Quran.

The opening ceremony took place on twenty seven September 1995. Among them a noted Islamic scholar, writer, economist & ex-bureaucrat of Bangladesh Govt MR. Shamsul Alam is the chairman of the bank.

His continuous motivation & progressive leadership help for the bank in getting a foothold in the financial market of our country. A group twenty noted and dedicated Islamic personalities of Bangladesh are the member of Board of Director of the bank.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#7 Jamuna Bank

Established: June 3,2001

Operating profit: 6500 million Taka


Jamuna Bank Limited is very famous bank in Bangladesh. The Bank started its operation from third June 2001.

JBL is a highly capitalized new generation Bank started its operation within an authorized capital of Tk.1600 million & paid capital of Tk.390 million, as of 2006 Paid up capital of the Bank raised to Tk.1072 million & number of branches raised to 29.

Jamuna Bank Limited’s services are also accessible for the entrepreneurs to set up new ventures & BMRE for industrial units. The Bank provide special stress on Export, Import, Trade Finance, SME Finance, Retail Credit & Finance to Women Entrepreneurs.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#8 NRBC Bank

Established: APRIL 2013

Operating profit: 3230 million Taka


NRB Commercial Limited is a non-public commercial bank in Bangladesh offering full range of Corporate, International Trade, Foreign Exchange, Personal, Lease Finance & Capital Market Services with its

51 branches. NRB operates in Bangladesh and has it’s headquarter located in Dhaka. Being a 4th generation bank they always put their consumer first and uses a software named “Ultimus” to give best services to them.

NRB Commercial Limited is currently diversifying their credit portfolio to ensure efficient use of resources and takes utmost precaution to safeguard it. Moreover, credit and advances has been the first source of profit for NRBCB since its inception in 2013. Hence, the authorities should administer the performance of loans after their disbursements.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

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#9 Modhumoti Bank

Established: 19 September 2013

Operating profit: 2780 million Taka


Modhumoti Bank Limited is a fourth-Generation non-public commercial bank and commenced its banking operations in 2013, serving customer with maximum level of morality and also quality.

The vision of the bank is to guide to the new generation of local commercial banks by excelling in client delivery through insight, empower employees, digital technology and a full range of best quality products and services.

While forming this bank, it is targeted not only strive towards making a stable financial organization with quality products, but also the Bank itself can become associate an integral part of the community, helping others build positive changes and raise the life of people around us. We want to provide the maximum level of services that you deserve.

Topic: top 10 bank in bangladesh

#10 SBAC Bank

Established: 2013

Operating profit: 1520


South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited is very popular Bank in Bangladesh for Agriculture development.SBAC is a private bank and its headquartered in Dhaka.

South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited incorporated in 2013 as a banking company under Companies Act.1994. The bank has network of (Eighty-two) branches and (half dozen) Sub-branches around the country.

Topic: best bank in bangladesh

Top 10 Bank in Bangladesh -2021 (based on popularity)

1) Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Established: March 13, 1983,


2) Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Established: 1995


3) Prime Bank

Established: 1995


Topic: top 20 bank in bangladesh

4) HSBC Bank

Established: HSBCopened its first branch inBangladeshin 1996


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5) Standard Chartered Bank

Established: SCBopened its first branch inBangladeshin 1948


6) BRAC Bank Limited

Established: July 4, 2001


Topic : Best Bank in Bangladesh

7) Sonali Bank

Established: 1972


8) Bank Asia Limited

Established: November 27, 1999


Topic: top 20 bank in bangladesh

9) Grameen Bank

Established:October 1983


10) Janata Bank

Established: 2007


List of Top 10 Pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh

Topic: best bank in bangladesh

Final Thoughts

Bangladesh’s financial sector is dominated by the banking sector as we’ve an under developed capital market.

The supremacy of the banking sector makes the financial sector vulnerable on the one hand, but highlights the vital importance of the world in resource mobilization and economic process. The role of the banking sector in accelerating growth is reliant upon the soundness and depth of the world.

Topic: best bank in bangladesh

In our country, the banking sector has travelled through a journey where the sector has experienced several ups and downs. Reforms measures are undertaken in an effortto enhance upon the structural constraints of this sector.


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Which banks are at risk in Bangladesh 2022? ›

The banks are Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Agrani Bank, Rupali, Janata, Sonali, Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank, BASIC Bank, National Bank, ICB Islamic Bank, Bangladesh Commerce Bank, and Padma Bank.

Which is the No 1 bank in Bangladesh? ›

1. Islami Bank of Bangladesh. Islamic Bank Bangladesh is the number one and most famous bank in Bangladesh.

What is the latest trend in banking? ›

Some of the most significant trends include: Digital banking: Many banks are now offering a range of digital banking services, including mobile banking apps, online banking portals, and virtual assistants, which allow customers to access their accounts and conduct transactions remotely.

Which bank is blacklist in Bangladesh? ›

The banks are Agrani, Janata, Prime, Islami, Shahjalal Islami and First Security Islami.

What are the 10 blacklisted bank in Bangladesh? ›

The banks include Bangladesh Commercial Bank, Padma Bank, BASIC Bank, ICB Islamic Bank, AB Bank, National Bank, Janata Bank, National Bank of Pakistan and Midland Bank, an internal report of Bangladesh Bank (BB) suggests.


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